Spores of fungus, Candida albicans

The long strands are the tubular filaments (hyphae) that have developed from the fungal spores. Yeast cells (rounded, yellow) are budding from the ends of the hyphae (red). Candida albicans causes the infection known as candidiasis which affects the moist mucous membranes of the body, such as skin folds, mouth, respiratory tract and vagina. Oral and vaginal conditions are known as thrush.

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The Society books

Microbiology Society publishes the following books to support the teaching of microbiology.

  • Algae: a practical resource for secondary schools

    Supports the teaching of practical microbiology at Key Stage 3/4.

    Out of stock.

    This resource has been developed to provide a series of well-tested practical activities for use in schools. The practical activities all focus on the micro-organisms known as algae. Algae are common, easy and safe to handle, easy to source and cheap to use. They can be used to illustrate a range of topics, including:

    • microscopy
    • phototaxis
    • bioluminescence
    • eutrophication
    • gas cycling

    It contains an introduction to algae, information on each of the five topics listed above, a specific introduction, and student, teacher and technical guides. The resource has an accompanying CD, on which you can find:

    • student guides to the practicals (PowerPoint® presentation)
    • printable versions of the student guides (PDF)
    • a bioluminescence video clip

    To support the algae pack, the Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa (CCAP) have designed a kit comprising a leaflet with culturing advice and samples of:

    • Pyrocystis lunula CCAP 1131/1
    • Euglena gracilis CCAP 1224/5Z
    • Stock solutions for 1 litre of L1 marine medium and JM freshwater medium

    Cost will be £25 plus VAT plus p&p. Go to www.ccap.ac.uk directly to order or for more information.

  • The Secret World of Microbes

    Supports the teaching of microbiology at Key Stage 2/3.

    The price is £9.99.


    'The Secret World of Microbes’ has been specifically written for upper primary/lower secondary school students. It uses the conventional format of a non-fiction text book and contains accurate and up-to-date information written in a language that is uderstandable and appropriate for this age group. Photographs, diagrams and illustrations are included to support and extend the text.

  • The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – Microbes

    An inspirational pack that has been specifically written to support the teaching of microbiology at key stages 3 and 4. The text book explores how microbes can be both friend and foe and most importantly, why we need these invisible organisms to live.

    A CD-ROM accompanies this book, which provides a comprehensive, full colour PowerPoint™ presentation and a range of student activities.

    To order, please email e.taylor@microbiologysociety.org

  • Viruses: a practical resource for post-16 biology teachers

    This is a great introduction to viruses, using a safe and easy to handle bacteriophage. The practicals can be run as a series, or used individually as needed.
    Cultures required, as well as consumables and equipment, can be purchased from the National Centre for Biotechnology Education.
    The first copy of this pack is free to members (including school members). To request your free copy, email e.taylor@microbiologysociety.org stating your membership number (additional copies may be offered at a discounted rate for bulk orders).

    Price for non-members: £15.

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